Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Coffee Frosting

So I decided to make gluten free Chocolate Cupcakes with Coffee Frosting. I heard someone once say that gluten cooking is a real science, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into…

I found a couple of recipes online and headed out to my friend Sam’s house who is a novice vegan baker, figuring she could help me because I consider myself more of a cook and not a baker.  With unappetizing ingredients like xanthan gum and sorghum flour, I decided to pick the easy Chocolate Cupcakes recipe which called for familiar ingredients like almond flour and eggs. The recipe called for half a cup of almond flour and 6 eggs (with other usual cupcake ingredients but I can no longer find the recipe online). Sam said that it seemed like a lot of eggs, but the curious baker in me says let’s go with it and see what happens.  My cupcakes cooked just fine and they looked and smelled great when we took them out of the oven. Although the recipe said gluten free cupcakes do not rise much during the cooking process my cupcakes seemed to react like normal cupcakes, so we started to make the coffee frosting.

Everything seemed to be working just fine and then it started, my cupcakes started to implode. We are not talking about the kind of sinking you get from a chocolate soufflé, no my cupcakes slowly imploded to half the size they were when they came out of the oven, even pulling away from the cupcake liners.  So I decided to investigate further, and it seemed the inside of my cupcakes were a plastic rubbery mess. Sam then decided to state the obvious saying I told you it seemed like a lot of eggs. Well we decided to start over using one of the different recipes which used not so familiar but recognizable baking ingredients, such as rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch, and our second batch of cupcakes came out of the oven and remained the same shape until we ate them.

In the mean time I have made cupcakes using the unrecognizable ingredients such as garbanzo bean and sorghum flour and the cupcakes were fantastic! I have found using the flour blends such as Bobs Red Mill or Gluten Free Pantry make it a lot easier. As for pictures of my plastic cupcake experience, unfortunately I lost my Canon point and shoot that weekend out at the Fermilab when I went to see my weather hero Tom Skilling and the Tornado and Severe Weather Seminar. (I’m also a weather enthusiast). After losing my camera, I did what any other amateur photographer would do, I bought myself a new and improved Canon point and shoot.


About Christine, Chicago's Fitness and Nutrition Consultant

I am a fitness and nutrition consultant who loves taking snapshots.
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