Achieving Health

I am Christine Jeffers a Chicago fitness and nutrition consultant, but I didn’t start out in the fitness industry. I started working in the graphic arts field about 20 years ago, and decided sitting behind a computer for 8 to 10 hours a day was not my idea of a fun future. I started suffering from back pain on a daily basis at 26, which is way too young to suffer from any type of chronic pain! With the emergence of the web (I could see the internet was going to slowly eliminate the printing business), the condition of my back and a car accident which left me with a cracked pelvis, I decided to pursue a healthier career and went to school for shiatsu.

At the time I was a weekend warrior competing in triathletes, 5K’s and half marathons – the marathon sadly was too much for my sensitive hip. With anatomy and physiology under my belt from shiatsu school and knowledge of training programs from my weekend competitions, one of my colleagues suggested I take the exam to be a personal trainer. Well the rest is history, that was over 12 years ago and today I have extended my fitness career to include pilates and nutrition.

During those 12 years I have been a 5K Race Director (Eric Elias Foundation 5K) and a magazine publisher (Chicago Wellness Magazine).The Chicago Wellness Magazine gave me the wonderful opportunity to interview local health experts such as Laura Berman Discovery Health Channel and Chicago based Sex Therapist, Earl Mindell, author of the vitamin bible, Karen Calabrese of Karyns Raw and Mayor Richard M Daley who has worked very hard to build a cycle lane network through Chicago.

Most people think because I am a fitness and nutrition consultant I do nothing but exercise and eat vegetables all day.  The truth is I love to lay on my couch with my puppy (who is not allowed on the couch) and I love to eat tasty food but not so healthy food. Some of my favorite tasty foods are dessert (any type of dessert), pancakes, cheese (any kind) swirlz cupcakes, Pizano’s and Gino’s East pizza and beer (you can’t enjoy great pizza without beer!).  Unfortunately my love for tasty food, but not so healthy food has gotten me into trouble. I would watch my stomach bloat to three times its normal size and I would feel heavy and lethargic. Even my husband would ask “what is going on with your stomach?”

Well it turned out I have food sensitivities to gluten, sugar, MSG, food coloring (yellow to be exact), casein (a protein found in some dairy products) and some soy products. After hearing that, my first thought was “what am I going to eat?” and that’s the reason for this blog. I am going to show you what I eat, and if you have food sensitivities, you will know what you can do too.  This doesn’t mean I never eat pizza or sweets. And there is nothing like a cold beer at the Sox game on a hot summer day (which I always look forward to). I just have to watch what I eat, so I can enjoy the really tasty stuff once in a while.

After learning so much about food sensitivities, I decided to study nutrition at the Global College of Natural Medicine, and I became a nutrition consultant specializing in nutrient analysis and helping others discover food intolerances or sensitivities through safe elimination diets.

If you have ideas for or questions about this blog, please send them to me I would love to help you.

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